Is Your Life Proving To Be Overwhelming in 2018

Help me!! Help me!! What we can learn from Scott

“I am so overwhelmed, I see success all around me and I feel like I want to live a better life, but life will not let me. I scared of all the difficult things I have to do. I am so tired I cannot seem to cope with anything,  help me!!  Someone help me”

Scott wrote these words in his notebook one late night a couple years ago.


Let’s meet Scott, he is married to Mary and has 3 boys and is an average guy with a lot of problems that most people have. He is in debt and overweight, and has a chronic cardiac condition. He had a heart attack in 2012, which thankfully he recovered from. Despite the heart attack he still ate the incorrect foods and did not exercise. He worked 7 days a week to make ends meet. Scott was always tired due to stress of his job and their financial situation. He felt he was in prison.

He did not have the best relationship with Mary, they often argued about the smallest thing. Scott felt very guilty about not spending more time with his family and unable to give more things to his family. He missed so many of his kids sporting achievements and other events. When he was with his family he was never lived in the present, he was living in the past and the future, full of anxiety and depression.


Scott had a buddy called Don, who he was friends with from their school days. Don was by all standards, successful. He had a good marriage, kids at expensive schools, Don was living his dream.

Don is a retired astronaut having flown 4 missions in the Space Shuttle for NASA. Don had wanted to become an astronaut from the age of 6 when he watched the first Mercury astronauts go into space.

He did not know what he would have to do, to become an astronaut but he knew he would have work hard to get top marks in his school and work career

After graduating as a Physicist he started his journey to achieving his dream.

Don used the power of the Law of Attraction and The Compound Effect to achive his lifetime goal.

Don is rejected

His first application was turned down by NASA he decided he would not give up. He researched what it took to be accepted by NASA by studying those people who were selected. He tried again some 2 years later and was turned away again. He looked again and it seemed to be that NASA only selected fighter pilots, so he became a pilot.

The third attempt he was called back after going through all the medicals and test, but a month later NASA called him to tell him that he not been selected. He thought about giving up but he researched further and added another layer of skills that those selected had and on the fourth attempt he was selected and flew his first mission early in the 1990s.

Scott and Don moving in opposite directions

Although they were school boy friends, Scott went through life unconsciously, with no direction and just got by. His choices were made automatically and he was living other people’s dreams. Scott made choices that led him down the path to mediocrity. As the years went by these little choices led him into debt until one day he realized this could not continue. He desperately looked around for a way out but was so involved in his current situation he could not see a way out.

The Compound Effect

In February 2012 he came across a book called The Compound effect by Darren Hardy. Darren became his mentor through the pages of this book. As he read through the book he realized that the choices he had always made were based on nothing specific and were directionless.

In one moment his life was changed.

Scott was like a person who was learning how to drive a car for the first time.. We all go through the four stages of learning. Scott was at stage 1 were he did not understand or know how to change his life. When he realized the consequences his choices, Scott moved into stage 2 and realized that his choices were leading him away from his best life AND HE REALIZED HE HAD TO DO SOMETHING.

He did not know what yet but he had become AWARE,  a tremendously important step!!

Awareness the first step to success

Once he understood and knew what he needed to do he entered the stage 3, he had to concentrate and focus on the skills he was developing.

With practice these skills they became habits that and became second nature and he started to grow exponentially.

As Scott read and studied the pages he became more and more aware of the small choices he made compounded together to land up where he was now. He also became of aware that he could change the course of his life by changing the type of choices he made. He did feel very overwhelmed by the experience and he did not know how he could do it.

His next change came when he read about changing the course of a river

He realized that he had to change his core beliefs and like Don he researched and studied people such as Bob Proctor (the world’s most highly regarded speakers on prosperity, he is internationally known for his inspirational and motivational style for over 60 years) a foremost expert on The Law Of Attraction.

He realized like the compound effect and the law of attraction(a natural law of the universe, this law simply states, that what you focus on expands and is working ALL the time.

Scott laughs in disbelief

He laughed at this when he first read it. But as he studied more and looked at the results he realized that he was attracting the things that lead him in a downward spiral.

Scott started small, he tackled the debt first, as this was a huge problem and was keeping him a prisoner. His first decision was not to create more debt and to pay it off. He did not see results at first but by making small changes and actively learning how to do it the amount of debt slowly came down. He also made a commitment to learn how to change his beliefs that would lead to incredible growth.

Fear and Doubt

During this he still had fear and doubt but also kept reading and listening to how the law of attraction was slowly changing his mind set.
Giving a little more time, energy and thought to his efforts to becoming debt free, his results not only improved but accelerated and in one year he did not recognize the person he had become.

As he used the law of attraction to focus his mind on positive thoughts opportunities came to him that he used to accelerate his earnings, people entered into his life that help him grow even faster and suddenly totally unexpected things happened that he thought were impossible before.

He no longer tolerated being under paid and overworked, tired and perpetually sick.. He started to protect his emotional, mental and physical space so he could Manifest his goals of freedom and abundance.

Abundance not feeling overwhelmed and Happy


#1 “I Feel Overwhelmed”

You often hear people say that they feel overwhelmed. Feeling overwhelmed can mean one of three things:
• Overwhelmed by their feelings
• Overwhelmed by the stress of meeting deadlines
• Overwhelmed by how to do things ‘right’ perfectionists
The feeling of overwhelm is generally caused by how we are treating ourselves and what we are telling ourselves.

# 2 Downward spiral

A series of thoughts or actions which feeds back into itself, causing a situation to become progressively worse. It is worse than a vicious circle, which is self-sustaining in its current state.

#3 the Compound effect

You see, no matter where you are in life, the Law of Compounding can help you. You can be, have or do anything you want and it doesn’t require any drastic changes. Just a few adjustments in your daily habits and you’re on your way.

#4 the Law of Attraction

What Is The Law of Attraction?

In an interview with Larry King, Oprah Winfrey described the success that the Law of Attraction brought into her life.

The Color Purple

Other wildly successful people like Will Smith, Jim Carrey (before he became famous actor and comedian Jim Carrey was broke and unknown, he wrote himself a check for $10 million for acting services rendered and a few short years later he was paid $10 Million dollars) and Arnold Schwarzenegger have all practiced working with the Law of Attraction

So, what’s the definition of the Law of Attraction anyway?

“This law simply states, that what you focus on expands “

The Law of Attraction isn’t a complicated magic ancient, mystery. In fact, the Law of Attraction is a simple and unchanging universal principle.

As Scott realized it always works, you can start applying it immediately.

Financial freedom is the number one reason people become interested in the law of attraction.

  • People are tired of working for little pay and a boss who only cares about his dreams and aspirations and treats them poorly.
  • People are tired of working towards other peoples goals and dreams.
  • People are tired of working all the time and never seem to get rid their debts.
  • People are tired of traveling to work
  • People are tired of not being able to go on holidays.

The fantastic news is that once you learn more about the law and applying it, you will start seeing changes really quickly. Focus and work towards what you want  and unexpected things will come into your life that will help you achieve your dreams of becoming wealthy and living your best life of abundance.

Of course the law of attraction works for , Health, Relationships and having fun.

# 5 How changing the course of a River can help you overcome overwhelm

One hot day in North America, two Indian children about 10 years old where walking next to a river. They splashed in and out of the river squealing and really enjoying themselves. They were good friends and had just attended a lesson given by the Chief who spoke about the strength of the Indian people, and the great warriors that had always protected the tribe.

Stop beimg Overwhelmed

The Old Man

As they neared a great tree they saw an old Indian sitting under it, smoking his pipe. They ignored him and the conversation turned to the lesson and the warriors.

Both the boys had fathers that where warriors and as often happens, an argument started about how strong their father was ” My father killed 10 buffalo in one day the one said , the other said “his father had killed 20” The argument became quite heated, with each becoming more exaggerated.

They were suddenly interrupted by a grunt from the old man, they looked at him and he stared  back at them for a while. He called them over to him and they slowly moved towards him. After a long pause he started telling them  how he believed that their fathers were great warrior and very strong.

What he said next made the boys snigger and eventually burst out laughing.

The Old Man Changes the Course of the River

He ignored them and slowly lifted himself and walked towards the river.  He bent over and lifted two stones and threw them in the river, he than pulled up some of the grass and put them aside. He watched as the water from the river moved into the path he had created.

He then turned around without looking at the boys and walked back towards the tribe. The boys looked open mouthed at the back of the old Indian now with admiration.

What the old Indian told them was how he could change the course of this mighty river. The boys could not believe that this old man was strong enough to do this.

This story illiterates that you can change the course of your life with one small step. Taking the first step is crucial and that will lead to  reaping huge rewards from a series of small, smart choices. The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy shows how these series of small, smart choices will change your life.

Here is to your Freedom and Abundance !!

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