3 Ways Life Is Like Baking A Huge Cake- This Is An Amazing Recipe…..

We all like eating cake, some even like to bake, but have you ever thought how baking a cake is similar to creating Your Best Life of Abundance.

I was watching a baking show on TV the other day, actually it was”The Great British Bake Off”, and it occurred to me that life is like a box of chocolate cake (excuse the play on words).

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There are thousands of types of cakes with a fantastic amount of different ingredients, that if brought together in harmony, create Great, Delicious, Unbelievable tasting cakes. But if you put garlic  in a carrot cake, you probably will say, disgusting, awful, horrible cake.

If you use the incorrect ingredients when baking a cake, say if a recipe calls for sugar and you use salt, the ingredients are not in harmony.

For different cakes you would need different ingredients, but the creation of any cake needs you to follow a similar process. The following are universal laws for baking a cake:

#1 Having a proven recipe.

#2 Having the correct ingredients.

#3 Mixing the ingredients in harmony (in the right order and time)

This does not mean you cannot make your own recipes, a process that may take a lot of experimentation and time, but if you want to achieve the results  quickly, you would follow a recipe that has been proven successful, and gives the results you want.

Imagine if you want to bake a cake and you have the correct recipe, you buy the exact ingredients, but you don’t follow the recipe and mix the ingredients or leave some out, the cake will not turn out like you want it, you will be frustrated and angry, possibly depressed.

Life is like baking a cake, we go to school, we learn from our teachers, parents and people around us the ingredients of a successful life, but we don’t always know how to put them together to get the results you want. The best way to overcome  this, is to follow a MENTOR who has the success you want from life.

I have a simple fundamental recipe I have developed over the years.

#1 Your mind.

Having a positive mental attitude, is 90% of what is needed to achieve the freedom you want. Freedom and abundance start in the mind.

#2 Opportunities.

Finding opportunities that will give you financial freedom.

#3 Freedom.

Enjoy the four types of freedom, time, financial, choice and to live your passion.

#1Your Mind (Consists of the Conscious and Unconscious mind)

What is it your Best Life, what is freedom and abundance mean to you? and why are you not achieving it.

Freedom and abundance starts in the mind. The reason most people fail to live their best life,  is first and foremost our state of mind.

Look for mentors that will assist you in changing your negative beliefs and habits. They have the right recipes and have successfully combined the ingredients, to get the results they want.

That is why I follow three mentors that are helping me change my Beliefs and Habits, all use The Law Of Attraction as their core belief. I believe that this law  is the best way to change your limiting Beliefs and Habits. They are:

Heather Matthews, Sonia Ricottti and Bob Proctor.

Each has value for you, depending on where you are in your life.

  • Heather has a wonderful program that gives you great content and a plan of action. Great place to start your journey to freedom and abundance.
  • If you have had a major or minor setback, Sonia has a brilliant program on how to Bounce back and help you turn around your life quickly. Her story is amazing, she turned her life around, which lead her to helping others to do the same.
  • Bob is the Platinum Mentor as far as I am concerned. I have been following him for many years and is widely considered one of the greatest speakers in the world on the topic of getting rich. For more than 60 years, he has focused his entire life around helping people create abundant lives of prosperity, rewarding relationships and spiritual awareness.

Heather Matthews created “The Manifestation Miracle” . Do me a favor,  take this amazing 60 Second  Quiz “Free Personalized Quiz” to find out more about her program. I have never seen this done before, its great!

understanding law of attraction

Sonia Ricotti is the best selling author of  “Unsinkable: How to Bounce Back Quickly When Life Knocks You Down” If you have hit rock bottom, this is the program for you.“Get Your FREE E-BOOK and discover the miracle
blueprint to turn your life around FAST and achieve your wildest dreams!”

Bounce Back Big Sonia Ricotti- Turn Your Life Around Fast
“Success is not what you do when you are on top. Success is how high you bounce when you hit the bottom.” Sonia Ricotti


If you want to get a deep understanding of the LAW OF ATTRACTION, then Bob Proctor is your best mentor and teacher. He has an amazing way of explaining how the mind works in simple terms, that are easy to understand. He has been following his passion for over 60 years and he is the standard against which all other people in the personal motivation arena are measured.

People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.” Zig Ziglar

Bob has a Six Minutes to Success program, that will dramatically increase your results – In ALL areas of your life with the ease, convenience and motivation.

Bob will give practical steps combined with the real inspiration you need to earn more money, create thriving relationships, start a wildly successful business, lose any amount of weight and live a more productive, fulfilling life.

Succesful Life The Law Of Attraction

#2 Opportunity

There are so many opportunities that are presented to you in your life, that have the potential enable you to Live Your Best Life. Often you ignore these opportunities, due to not believing that you will achieve the results others have.

You will be able to take these opportunities, if you believe you can , so train your mind and you will be able to take advantage of the Best.

#3 Freedom

This really is the result of following the first two steps. You will achieve this very quickly if you find the right mentors and opportunities.

My primary Goal is  to achieve freedom and abundance, I want to Live my Best Life.

There are 4 types of freedom:

  • Time Freedom.
  • Freedom to Choose, what to do, when to do it, where to do it and with who to do it.
  • Financial Freedom.
  • Freedom to follow my passion and help others.

In conclusion

Get your mind set right, ask for what you want, believe you can achieve it and enjoy the freedom it gives you.

Susan Boyle wanted to be a professional singer. She asked for what she wanted, believed she could do it (otherwise why would she sing in front of millions of people) and took the action that changed her life in just 5 minutes.

Watch this inspirational video and see the exact moment her life change!!








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