All freedom starts in the mind

Hi, friends, my name is Gary Morris and I would like to welcome you to



For me my best life can be summarized by the four types of freedom:

  • Time Freedom
  • Freedom to Choose what I want to do, when I want to do it, where I want and with who I want.
  • Financial Freedom
  • Freedom to follow my passion and help others


The most successful people in the world understand the fundamentals of living their best lives, and most importantly they apply them every day.

This allows them to use the power of the compound effect to continually grow and developed the skills they need to be successful.

To illustrate how the continuous practice and application can lead to great success, I would like to tell you the story of two of the Best  American sports coaches who ever lived, Vince Lombardi and John Wooden.

John Wooden was a basketball coach who won 10 NCAA National basketball championships in 12 years, and Vince Lombardi won 5 Super Bowl American Football championships in 7 years.

They both worked with the best athletes but still insisted that they practice the fundamentals of the game over and over.

For his players John Wooden insisted that they complete 500 free throws even if they said they could do it, he wanted them to score a basket automatically, especially in the clutch moments of high pressure.

 My purpose is to find like-minded people who want to Live Their Best Lives, but don’t know or understand the Fundamentals, practices, truths, the laws that lead to real, lasting success.

So if you are prepared to work at learning the fundamentals and applying them please join me and take this wonderful journey together.

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